The RSPB Doncaster Local Group supports the work of the RSPB and organises events for it’s members and the general public who are interested in the conservation and protection of birds and wildlife in general.

For further information about the group go to the About Us menu option.

Abandoned or injured birds

The RSPB is a conservation organisation and does not have facilities to look after abandoned or injured birds. They do, however, offer advice. Please click on the header above for advice.

A garden for wildlife

No matter how small your garden it is possible to encourage and support wildlife.Please click on the header above to get some expert advice from the RSPB.

Join the RSPB

To become a member of the RSPB Doncaster Local Group is not compulsory to be a member of the RSPB but we do encourage membership because of the many extra benefits you gain including free entry to RSPB sites.

Join the RSPB Doncaster Local Group

If you would like to join the group and take part in our many activities, including learning more about birds and wildlife, then please get in touch with our membership officer by clicking the header above.

Feeding birds

With a number of public lakes around Doncaster e.g. Lakeside, Sandall Park, Askern there is a tendency for the public to want to feed the ducks and geese. There is no problem with this except it is important you do not feed them bread as it can cause serious and life threatening consequences for the birds. Try rice or oats instead. Click on the header above for advice on what to feed these birds generally.


Looking for high quality bird food, bird feeder, binoculars or just a nature based gift then click on the header which will take you to the RSPB Shop.

Bird Watching Kit

Eyes and Ears

With these you can see bird movement or hear a bird calling which aids detection and sometimes identification of a bird.


Binoculars give you a closer view of a bird and aids identification. Locally, both RSPB Old Moor and Potteric Carr allow you to try binoculars in different price ranges. Also try the RSPB shop site on the internet.

Spotting Scope

A spotting scope gives greater magnification than binoculars but can be quite expensive. If you are just starting birdwatching, then if you go out with our group more experienced members will gladly let you look through their scopes. 

Tripod and Hide Clamps

If you have a spotting scope then a tripod is essential. They are also useful if you have a camera with a big lens. There are the normal three-legged tripod and specialised hide clamps can only be used in hides.