Potteric Carr and the selfish photographers

Yesterday 13 members of the group visited Potteric Carr. We had high expectations because 4 bitterns had been seen the day before. Sadly, our hopes were dashed. Not because the bitterns were not about (5 were reported that day) but because we couldn’t, like many visitors, get in the hide for selfish photographers. We tried twice and on the second time, we were told not to bother because they were all sat in there eating their sandwiches. We know for a fact that one photographer was in there over 4 hours and there was nothing more annoying than hearing him tell his tales in the café and showing his bittern photographs off. This is not just a problem for Potteric Carr but our very own RSPB Old Moor site, and others, also suffer from the problem when an interesting bird is about. Nature sites need to find a way around this problem. Anyway, we managed to cover about 95% of the site and still enjoyed seeing the more common birds. Amongst the birds seen were coal tit, lesser and great black-backed gulls, bullfinch, long-tailed tit and pochard. The highlight bird was the black-necked grebe although only a few members saw it.