Coach Trip to Frampton Marsh

We are pleased to report that everybody seemed to enjoy the coach trip to Frampton Marsh even though some of us got caught in the open on the top of the high banking for 10mins in the rain. It was great to be there in a group and we all could pass on bird information to each other and help identify birds. Members were also able to share their scopes with those that did not have one. In particular, we got good views of a merlin and a peregrine. Other birds seen included american wigeon, barnacle goose, pintail, hen harrier, marsh harrier, golden plover, black-tailed godwit and long-billed dowitcher.

We would also like to thank the staff at RSPB Frampton Marsh who were very helpful.

Auckley Show 2018

Four volunteers worked on our local group stand at the Auckley Show today (18th August). The photo shows 3 of the volunteers chatting with one of the successful entrants to our Feed the Birds game who received a ‘make your own bird feeder’ kit. For once the weather was kind to us and, unlike the last 2 years, we didn’t need to hold the gazebo down due to strong winds. Thanks to all the members, friends of the group and the general public who visited the stand.

No more RSPB Weekends

We are sorry to report that the annual RSPB weekend events will no longer be continued. This year’s event, whilst enjoyable, continued the decline in attendance, so the event is no longer economically viable.

The Members’ Day and AGM  will continue with the next one being in London in October.

Developments at Hatfield Moor

We are pleased to report that the development of a research and training facility at Hatfield Moor is progressing well. We are also sad to report that they are now charging you to leave your car in the main car park. Hope this trend does not catch on.

Annual Nightjar Evening

The nightjar evening last Monday at Hatfield Moor broke several records for the group. There was a record number of group members attending this annual group event. We had a record number of individual sightings. Usually, 2 sightings is a miracle but we managed over a dozen on this occasion. We also had 2 sightings of a woodcock, not to mention a bat as well. We all went home extremely pleased.

Speed bumps at Titchwell Marsh

A group member, because of a medical condition, found that the new speed bumps at Titchwell Marsh caused considerable pain when driven over, even when this was done slowly. We have been advised that if going over the speed bumps are likely to cause visitors problems, then they have a space reserved on the site for taking deliveries, parking reserve vehicles etc dedicated for use by persons that have special parking needs.  This needs to be booked in advance by phoning the reserve on 01485 210779.

Group visit to Lound

Yesterday (15th May) several group members went to Lound and enjoyed a day of bird watching in the sun for a change. We heard a cuckoo but unfortunately didn’t see it and we also failed to find a turtle dove. We did manage to see multiple sightings of hobbies and for the second group outing in a row, we saw the rarely seen and elusive grasshopper warbler. The images include photos of a hobby being chased by a rook.

Coach Trip to Saltholme

Following a break of several years and requests from members to try a coach trip again, a full coach of 32 members went to RSPB Saltholme, just north of Middlesbrough on the 29th April. The weather was not too good and if you were in a hide facing the wind it could be very cold. However, members persevered and just under 50 different species were seen on the day.

The facilities on the site were very impressive. There was a large visitors centre, which included a cafe with excellent facilities. One of the newer hides was very well designed with different forms of seating arrangements in it.

Amongst the birds seen by some or all of the members were avocets, little-ringed plover, sand martins, swifts, black swan, curlew, oystercatcher, wheatear, skylark, black-tailed godwit, and kestrel. The star bird was a rare sighting of a grasshopper warbler. The most unusual bird was an American visitor, the ring-necked duck. Another coach trip is now being planned and will be discussed at the AGM meeting on the 9th May.