Group members find rare bird

On our first outdoor event of the new season, 14 members were the first to find a rare crake which was at the bottom of some reed beds on the Marshland Lagoon at Blacktoft Sands.

With the help of one of the local experts, it was established the bird was a little crake which has not been reported in Yorkshire since 1946. By the time the group left the site, there was a long queue outside the hide and the car park was full to overflowing. One of our members, Chas Harrison, was able to get a good picture which helped with the identification.

No more RSPB Weekends

We are sorry to report that the annual RSPB weekend events will no longer be continued. This year’s event, whilst enjoyable, continued the decline in attendance, so the event is no longer economically viable.

The Members’ Day and AGM  will continue with the next one being in London in October.